Established in 1979, MeDiCa produces and markets high quality auto-immune disease test kits and individual components for the US and international market.

MeDiCa’s primary goals are to:

MeDiCa is a family-owned corporation located near San Diego, California. Our products have been clinically tested for quality control and the results have been submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration pre market notifications. Our strict quality control practices provide highly reliable and exceptionally reproducible test results for our clients.

We sell our products in the USA and in many countries around the world through distributors. Our products are CE marked for export to the European Union, CMDCAS registered for Canadian market and ISO 13485 certified. We believe that only products of the highest quality can successfully compete in today’s markets. As a results of our efforts, MeDiCa received the US President’s “E” Award for excellence in Export.